[ma film] director soile mottisenkangas

  1. Animation Living Room [SHORT FILM]

    What happens when people leave the room?

    Director | Screenwriter Soile Mottisenkangas
    Animators Oana and Alexandru Nechifor

    2010 Screen Academy Scotland

  2. Maria Eveliina - Riding a Train of Thought [DOC/TRAILER]

    Maria goes on to the same journey that her unknown Albanian father took two decades earlier.

    Documentary film. Duration 45 min.

    Director and executive producer
Soile Mottisenkangas



  3. Just Thinking [SHORT FILM]

    A young couple tries to get a grip on the new place of residence and on each other.

    Director Soile Mottisenkangas

    Screen Academy Scotland 2011

  4. Bully Factory [SHORT FILM]

    21st century high productive school system allows dark age way of bullying. The hero from game world turns out to be a teacher making the difference.

    Director Soile Mottisenkangas

    2011 Screen Academy Scotland