[ma film] director soile mottisenkangas

  1. Animation Living Room [SHORT FILM]

    What happens when people leave the room?

    Director | Screenwriter Soile Mottisenkangas
    Animators Oana and Alexandru Nechifor

    2010 Screen Academy Scotland

  2. Maria Eveliina - Riding a Train of Thought [DOC/TRAILER]

    Maria goes on to the same journey that her unknown Albanian father took two decades earlier.

    Documentary film. Duration 45 min.

    Director and executive producer
Soile Mottisenkangas



  3. Just Thinking [SHORT FILM]

    A young couple tries to get a grip on the new place of residence and on each other.

    Director Soile Mottisenkangas

    Screen Academy Scotland 2011

  4. Bully Factory [SHORT FILM]

    21st century high productive school system allows dark age way of bullying. The hero from game world turns out to be a teacher making the difference.

    Director Soile Mottisenkangas

    2011 Screen Academy Scotland


  5. Earth 2.0 [SHORT FILM - 48 hour challenge]

    Short film for #Filmonik #kabaret2012. One week film lab in Manchester, including two rounds of three days challenge make films from scratch.

    Earth 2.0
    Tagline: What if the only survivor would be like... him?

    Dave Olsen

    Director DOP Editor
    Soile Mottisenkangas

    Sound Designer
    Mehtap Omer

    Script Editor
    Steve Balshaw

    Camera Operator
    Alessandro Trenti

    Sound Recorder
    Phil Whiteley

    Lars Wirzenius

    Title animation
    Oana Nechifor

    Shooting location:

    Camera: JVC GY-HM100E ProHD

    Edited with Final Cut Pro

  6. Runaway (2009) [Original title: Karkasi]

    Creative short documentary
    Director Soile Mottisenkangas.

    Personal notes are framed by digital camera's LCD-screen. Nineteen photos will show a life of a 19 year old. Part of Suomi Post Mortem series.